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Terms of Use / Site User Rules

I. Agreement with the Terms of Use
I.i. The navigation of this virtual site www.lusitana.pt proceeds according to the same Terms of Use. To enter, stay, explore and interact with our site, we consider that you know these Terms of Use, which we infer that you have agreed to.
I.ii. We reserve the right to change the Terms of Use, for the improvement of the same.

II. Copyright and Related Rights
II.i All content on this site is owned by Lusitana Factories, Food S.A., whose reproduction is expressly prohibited.
II.ii. To that extent, by protection of copyright and related rights, it is strictly forbidden to download or print any content of this site, except for personal use or establishment of trade relations with the Fábricas Lusitana.  

III. The treatment of information sent
III. i. All information relating to personal identification that is sent to have a confidential treatment, according to the manner provided in our Privacy Policy whose content we consider that deserved your attention, but your user name and photo will be public.
III.ii. All other information, such as suggestions, comments, data, questions, etc., sent in any way will be subject to a non-confidential treatment and will be deemed to be our property.
III.iii. By submitting information to us, we accept it on the assumption that it is the rightful owner of it, it is not defamatory and that the use of that without prejudice to any rights of third parties.
III.iv. By submitting us content that contains images of a minor, confirms you are the legal representative of the minor appearing in contribution. As minor's legal representative, acknowledge that you agree that this is included in the contribution and other uses of the content of this website.
IV. Warranty reach the contents of this virtual site
IV.i. The content of this site is guided by quality, both in terms of content and in terms of their presentation.
IV.ii. Any inaccuracy, error or lesser correspondence to your expectations are not our responsibility. 

Any inaccuracy, error or lesser correspondence to your expectations are not our responsibility.
V. Limitation of Liability

V.i. The access, browsing, downloading and all other acts in interaction with this Site are the sole responsibility of the user acceptance that concludes by the use of this website. 
V.ii. The user of this website assumes full responsibility for any downloads you do of the same, being unclaimable any claim to this or otherwise. 

VI. Content Change 
Fábricas Lusitana reserve the right to freely and when deemed convenient, make changes, corrections and improvements to this site even suspend it without notice and can't be imputed any responsibility. 

VII. Reutilization by Fábricas Lusitana
VII.i. The user enables Fábricas Lusitana - Produtos Alimentares, SA and its websites «brancadeneve.pt ',' espiga.pt 'and' lusitana.pt ', to reuse published content by the user that presents no basic remuneration or additional.
VII.ii. Fábricas Lusitana have the right, in its sole discretion, to store and use any and all comments, suggestions, data or other information (collectively "Information") that you contribute to the Websites of Fábricas Lusitana, for current products or services or future, without it give you any right to compensation or additional base.
VII.iii. To the extent that information is protected by legislation on intellectual property, you agree to assign to Fábricas Lusitana, as necessary, any and all rights to information and to cooperate with this in the transfer of such rights.
VII.iv. The user hereby also grants Websites of Fábricas Lusitana perpetual, irrevocable, non-copyrighted, and transmitted, and license to use, reproduce, copy, publish, transmit or otherwise use your user name or your statements, as well as modify, delete entirely, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works and / or distribute such content and / or to incorporate it in any way and by any means or technology throughout the world, including, without limitations, for any kind of advertising, promotion and other commercial purposes.

VIII. Links
VII. i. Existing links on this site are the sole responsibility of the recipients of the same, that is, the virtual sites to which these lead.
VII.ii. the creation of a link is prohibited for this virtual site, without the prior written consent of Fábricas Lusitana. 

IX. Effectiveness of these Rules of Use 
IX.i. The Rules of Use listed above represent an agreement between Fábricas Lusitana and users of this virtual site.

X. Share with Common Sense
The portal "lusitana.pt" aims to be at the service of its customers, creating a space for revenue sharing, content and interaction, where the contribution of all is welcome.
However, to ensure that the objectives of this portal are met, we proceed to the evaluation and moderation of content posted by users. Thus, "lusitana.pt" reserves the right to remove any content that violates the terms and conditions of use of this site and are considered inappropriate.
Content will be removed that:
- Uses language, images or content of pornographic and / or violent;
- Is offensive to Branca de Neve, Espiga or any other brand of Fábricas Lusitana and also for its users due to racist content, xenophobic, insulting, malicious, bigoted and / or false;
- Does advertising for other products, brands, companies, services or initiatives that do not belong to brands Branca de Neve, Espiga or e-Mercearia;
- Seeks recruitment for other initiatives, campaigns or hobbies that are not promoted by the portal "lusitana.pt ';
- Presents abusive advertising content (SPAM);
- Encourages the sharing of confidential information, which might endanger the security and privacy of portal users, in particular, number of ID card or citizen card, VAT number, telephone, mobile phone, address, school, university or job, photos and videos of the place of residence with explicit location or easy to detect;
- Violates copyright or intellectual property;
- Is defamatory and that put into question the right to good name and image of the target entity;
- Has as source a fraudulent source;
- Tries to acquire sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers and other personal or business data (phishing).