Privacy Policy

Fábricas Lusitana - Produtos Alimentares SA, holders of the brands Branca de Neve, Espiga and e-mercearia has always focused its concerns on the interests of customers/clients. We thus ensure
compliance with the legal obligations arising from Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (RGPD) and other legislation in force and related to the protection of personal data. To this extent and in order to be informed about how your personal data is processed, we have created this Privacy Policy ("Policy").
For the same aim to explain how we will use your data as well as the mechanisms adopted to maintain secure and strictly confidential such data. When browsing our internet sites and using our services, you are enabling the data collection and accept the use practices described in this Policy, which may be subject to change time to time by us. We reserve the right to change our policy and we invite you to consult it regularly enough to allow you to be aware of any changes made by us. Thus, we will publish on our sites the new policy, changing the date in the last paragraph. The terms of this Policy are without prejudice to any contractual terms you may enter into with us, which shall prevail over the terms of this Policy.

The internet sites, and do not store or process data unless provided by you voluntarily. We ensure that our employees meet the strict security and confidentiality standards, and in processing your Data we pledge to fully comply with the international standards of protection of privacy.

The data provided to our Internet sites, and is intended only for specific and limited purposes, and which we will inform when using certain services. For example, we may collect and use Data to provide you with information about our products or services we believe might be of interest for you to receive new product releases or somehow communicate with you. We may also use your Data to evaluate the effectiveness of our services towards our visitors and customers, for our own statistical purposes, to evaluate customer interests as well as their buying trends and other better so we take our decisions on the creation of products and marketing strategies. By submitting your data, you consent explicitly use. Fábricas Lusitana keep your data for as long as is reasonably needed for the specified purposes and in accordance with any report required, legal or ethical. Most of our services do not require any form of registration, allowing you to visit our website without having to reveal your identity. However, some services may require registration. By doing so, you may need to complete certain fields (some mandatory, others optional) and choose a username (username) and a password (password). In these situations, to withhold any Data requested by us, it might be unable to access certain parts of our sites, and for us to answer your questions.

Fábricas Lusitana will keep the confidential nature of your data, will never sell, lease, share, distribute or make available to third parties outside Fábricas Lusitana SA, unless this is required for legal purposes (eg by court order) or regulatory . However, there may be occasional transfer of data to third parties who act for or on behalf of the Fábricas Lusitana for further processing in accordance with the purposes for which your Data were originally collected. Where the data disclosure to third parties is likely or necessary for whatever reason,Fábricas Lusitana, SA shall ensure that such third parties provide a level of equivalent protection to one of the Fábricas Lusitana, and will require ever, contractually, to process Data transferred only for the purposes authorized by you and on a confidential and secure basis.

The use of our website should only be made for 18 years, so we ask that parents supervise their children while online. To respect the privacy of children and comply with the laws designed to protect children, children under the age of 18 should not provide any Data. Fábricas Lusitana do not knowingly collect, use, or disclose data under the age of 18, without obtaining the prior consent of an adult with responsibility for the minor (parent, guardian). Our sites are sites aimed at the general public, not designed nor intended to collect less data under the age of 18 years.

You have the right to consult your data and to update or require their deletion. We strive to ensure that your data is up to date, complete and accurate, we are counting on your cooperation. If you want to access the data we have in our power to correct it or delete it, we ask that you contact the Fábricas Lusitana through email; if no answer is given in 2 working days please send a fax to +351 213 542 520. Your request will be treated in an appropriate and immediate way.

We commit to take all reasonable steps in order not to allow your Data to be seen by third parties other than those who act for or on behalf of Fábricas Lusitana, which agreed to treat your confidential and secure data. Access to data is limited to our employees in a knowledge base, which received training in order to observe strict standards of confidentiality in handling your Data. To ensure the security and confidentiality of data that Fábricas Lusitana collect online, we use data networks protected, inter alia, by firewalls within industry standards, protection and password (password). While we try to create for our visitors sites safe and secure, be sure to keep in mind the idea that the Internet is not considered, in general, as a totally safe environment, and that therefore the confidentiality of data that we provided or material transmitted via our websites or email can not be guaranteed by Fábricas Lusitana. Thus, we can not be responsible for the security of their data to be sent in via the Internet.

Information about your personal data we collect on our website is anonymous information. When you visit our site, we do not collect any personal data unless these are provided by you specifically, voluntarily and knowingly. Anonymous information here mencioned relates to the form of use of our site, such as browser type, operating systems and the date and time of access. Anonymous information is processed by Fábricas Lusitana to help improve the content of our site, to adapt it to our visitors and to learn more about them and how they use our site, including what type of computer tools used. "Cookies" alone can not be used to reveal the identity of the user. A "cookie" is a small piece of information that is sent to your browser and stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device.

As a service to our visitors, our site may provide links to other sites whose operation and control is not from Fábricas Lusitana. In these circumstances, Fábricas Lusitana can not be held responsible for the content of such sites or by third-party privacy policies. Such policies may differ from our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review and understand the privacy related practices before providing any personal information.

Fábricas Lusitana do not practice "spamming", ie sending e-mails, usually of commercial nature, in large numbers and repeatedly to individuals with whom the sender has had no previous contact or who have declined to receive such messages. Instead, when we believe that one of our products is important to you, we will inform you by email, always giving you the opportunity to give up this kind of service.

If you have any queries or complaints about compliance, for our part, this Policy, or if you wish to make any recommendations or comments to improve the quality of our Policy, we ask that you contact Fábricas Lusitana in the following address,  if not contacted within 2 business days.
We can assure you we try to constantly improve the protection and security of the data you provide us. We also invite you to carefully read our "Terms of Use" for more information about the use of our site.

23 May 2018