Fábricas Lusitana - Produtos Alimentares, SA, is a company of Portuguese capital and its management is ensured by a team of highly qualified professionals who over the years have remained attentive to its consumers by the continuous effort research and development of a wide range of innovative and unique products resulting in costumer satisfaction.

Fábricas Lusitana markets a wide range of products ranging from traditional flour, breadcrumbs, cake mixes, jelly mixes, mousse mixes, puddings, toppings, spices, seasoning pastes, condiments, sauces, vinegars and creams balsamic, among many others, owning the brands Branca de Neve, Espiga and Monte Branco. Its manufacturing unit is located in Alcains, Castelo Branco in Portugal, its offices are located in Lisbon and Oporto.

Its founder, António Trigueiros de Aragão, since the 1920's, was heavily involved in industrial activities, innovating in production, developing new products, consolidating the brands and creating economic and social conditions for all those who surrounded him in this noble task.
The company leads the market for the production and marketing of wheat self-raising flour for domestic use.

Aware of a past with more than 90 years, the company concentrates all the action in the continuity and development of innovative products, always focusing on quality.

The constant monitoring and improvement in all stages of production workflow, certified by ISO 9001, reflect high demanding standards.

Lusitana is a modern company, dynamic and innovative, giving utmost importance to the quality of the products launched in the market and the needs of its consumers.

Quality, consistency, innovation and close customer relations are the main values of the company.