Transparency Policy

Transparency Law – Fábricas Lusitana, Produtos Alimentares S.A.

Year 2015

Fábricas Lusitana, Produtos Alimentares S.A., with the VAT number 500 348 863, are the owners of the stated communication organ, which is called Lusitana – Revista do Clube de Consumidores. 

The capital of the company is directly owned 90% by Multialimenta SGPS, S.A. and 10% by Fábricas Lusitana, Produtos Alimentares S.A.

Lusitana magazine is the only publication of the company, which is dedicated entirely to the food sector, and has nothing to do with the editorial area.
Therefore, the funding for it comes from the profits made by the company during its sole and exclusive activity: production and distribution of food products, as well as bank financing.

Lusitana magazine serves as a communication vehicle between the Branca de Neve and Espiga brands and their consumers, it has not been created in order to generate profits. In 2010 entered the distribution circuit for magazines and periodicals, with the main objective of reaching more consumers.

The corporate bodies are composed of Diogo de Portugal Trigueiros de Aragão, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Antonio Infante da Câmara, Board Member; José Eugénio Soares Vinagre Board Member.

Structure of Capital of Multialimenta SGPS, SA
Shareholder  Type of Holding    Percentage    Voting Rights 

Ana Maria Infante da Câmara
Trigueiros de Aragão  
   Directly held 0.41 %  0.41 %

António Infante da Câmara
Trigueiros de Aragão 

   Directly held 

    0.49 % 

   0.49 % 

Diogo de Portugal
Trigueiros de Aragão 

  Directly held

    26.06 % 

   26.06 % 

João António de Portugal
Trigueiros de Aragão  

  Directly held

    21.62 % 

   21.62 %


  Directly held

   51.42 %

   51.42 %

In the year 2015 the following results with the Lusitana magazine were obtained:

Ratings, Impression and Circulation - 2015
Impression    Subscribers       Sales       Shipping Extra     
20000  8303   1369 
50   20000 7959  2371
51  20000   8129 1291
30000  18367 1311 10000

Editorial Statute of Lusitana – Revista do Clube de Consumidores  

Lusitana – Revista do Clube de Consumidores is a quarterly publication of the Branca de Neve and Espiga brands;

Lusitana Magazine, firstly, aims is to provide useful and informative content to their readers;

Lusitana Magazine, secondly, to establish direct dialogue bridges with their consumers and provide information about products, campaigns, information campaigns, among others;

Lusitana Magazine publishes content in the field of gastronomy, and takes responsibility for all information provided are subject to verification prior to publication;

Lusitana Magazine is independent of political power and economic power, the main concern good information to your readers;

The editorial structure of magazine Lusitana in 2015, had the following composition:       

Director: Sérgio Laires

Editorial coordination: Sergio Laires and Ana Calvo

Design and layout: Lúcia Antunes (Brandscape, Livestyle Creativity)

Review and Text: Vanessa Costa Nunes (Brandscape, Livestyle Creativity)

Production: Alicia Camacho, Paula Rodrigues, Lauren King, Cristina Lima, Vera Teves Costa

Photography: Antonio Nascimento, Stuart Hudson, Maria Noronha

Recipes Coordination: chef Freddy Guerreiro